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TOWA Technology Corporation


Our Business

Promotion of 3Rs in waste management

We support to promote the development of sustainable society. Our core business mainly consists of three areas: providing support for municipalities to establish waste management system in the context of Material-Cycling Society; providing consultation for the national government to develop institutional frameworks concerning 3Rs and waste management policy; and providing support for risk management on hazardous chemical substances.

3R Management

Company Outline

Corporate name

TOWA Technology Corporation


20,000,000 yen


  • Planning, research, design, supervision, development and operation support related with waste treatment facility
  • Various kinds of environmental assessment, evaluation and prediction, as well as consulting on environmental protection.
  • Research and planning related with environmental pollution, and consulting on pollution restoration.
  • Research and planning related with measures against global warming.
  • Consulting on energy saving.
  • Distribution of products and services for energy saving in civilian sectors.


Keijiro Tomoda

Mitsuyasu Takata


Head office
Hirose kitamachi 3-11, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima
TEL. +81-082-297-8700 FAX. +81-082-295-3216
Tokyo branch
Nihonbashi1-2-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Kyusyu branch
Hakataeki minami 2-9-11, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
Kansai branch
Nishinakajima 1-9-16, Yodokawa-ku, Osaka city, Osaka

Service / Engineering

Consultation to help promote Environmentally Sound Management of Waste and development of Material-Cycling Society

Waste management has recently become a global-scale environmental issue to tackle with. With the aim to support developing Material-Cycling Society and to minimize the environmental impacts through environmentally sound management of waste, we propose appropriate waste treatment technologies taking into account both software and hardware sides.

  • Planning related with consolidation of waste treatment facility to draw on the public-building and private-operation system
  • Planning, design and execution management for waste treatment facility (incineration, recycling, landfill)
  • Optimization (reorganization, maintenance etc.) as well as sound abolition and demolition of waste treatment facility
  • Support for planning related with the effective use of biomass and its commercialization under the Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy
  • Development and management of waste treatment system and facility using IT technology

Environmental investigation, prediction,and assessment

In full consideration of project’s objective and the relevant information available on the current status, we propose a study design, methods, geographical sites to cover and analysis items for environmental surveys. The environmental impact assessments we offer involve various approaches from scoping to monitoring.cOur technologies including GIS and neural network enable us to undertake in-depth analyses.

  • Environmental assessment on land, coastal sea, and living environment
  • Survey on flora and fauna, and ecosystem
  • Survey on air and water quality, noise and vibration, odor, landscape etc.
  • Investigation on asbestos, Persistent Organic Pollutants etc.

Consulting for water environment protection with water treatment technology

Water treatment technologies such as sewage or tap water treatment are one of the most essential technologies in order to maintain healthy living environment and to protect the natural environment. We support planning, design and supervision of water treatment facilities in the community based on both software and hardware sides.

  • Planning related with water treatment
  • Planning, designing and execution supervision for water treatment facility
  • Management and supervision of water treatment facility using IT technology

Environmental Planning

Quickly responding to trends in society, we support developing plans in various environmental fields. Our substantive and comprehensive approaches to environmental issues enable us to provide high and broad perspectives in establishing plans. It is also notable that our proposals are based on extensive experiences in the local communities.

  • Environmental master plan, regional promotion plans for combating global warming
  • Natural conservation plan, mitigation plan, biotope development plan and design, ecosystem restoration program
  • Plans for wild animals protection and reproduction, compilation of Red Data Book
  • Master plan for river environmental management, water quality purification plan, promotion plan for household wastewater management
  • Plans for land use, scenery protection
  • Plans and designs for tree planting in public parks, master plan for parks and open spaces
  • Environmental education, workshops and events

Investigation and restoration for soil contamination

Our high level analyses with extensive experiences can uncover the geological and groundwater status of contaminated sites. According to clients’ preferences, we can either offer advices at a pinpoint request or a comprehensive program including investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. Our solution for soil contamination is reasonable and flexible, and it brings out good compliance as well as a high cost performance.

  • General geological and groundwater survey, investigation and analyses for specific issues
  • Prospective environmental impact assessment on groundwater associated with civil engineering works, and designing for the countermeasures against soil contamination
  • Investigation on soil and groundwater contamination
  • Consulting, planning and designing for remediation of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Execution of soil remediation
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